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The OfficeMax facility was designed to maximise operational efficiencies for the customer while meeting sustainable best practice guidelines. It is an impressive achievement that was recognised with the facility winning the 2009 Property Council excellence/merit Award for Industrial Property.

OfficeMax consolidated their operations from three smaller sites around Auckland into a combined head office and distribution centre at Highbrook Business Park in Auckland’s East Tamaki.

A ‘One Company’ philosophy drove the customers desire to integrate the 4,000 sqm head office function with the 15,000 sqm distribution facility under a single roof. A functional and efficient building that facilitated staff interaction and satisfaction were key components of the design brief. Equally important was the desire to achieve a property solution that was environmentally sympathetic yet cost effective. 


Sustainable design elements and materials were incorporated to provide a quality working environment for staff with cost savings and operational efficiencies for OfficeMax.

Natural materials were left in their raw state where possible and the building was orientated and designed to maximise its energy efficiency.

Comprehensive on site amenities were provided for staff and a ‘street like’ central atrium was created forming a social heart through which all employees enter and circulate.


A satisfied customer with a functional and award winning property solution was the result. The judges of the Property Council awards were impressed by the high quality of the premises, customer satisfaction, sustainability and financial returns exhibited by this successful development.

Practical Completion:        July 2008
Location:       Highbrook Business Park, East Tamaki
Number of employees in building:       500
Cost:       $34.5 million (31 March 2010)

Scope of involvement:

  • site planning
  • obtaining consent
  • design and construction
  • implementation of fitout
  • ongoing development expertise