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Periodic statement

Periodic Statement 

Periodic Statement – 30 June 2016

This statement represents a periodic statement for the period 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016 for your holding of Goodman PLUS in Goodman PLUS Trust. 

Goodman PLUS Trust is a sub-trust of Goodman Industrial Trust, a stapled entity that forms part of the Goodman Group. The responsible entity of Goodman PLUS Trust is Goodman Funds Management Limited (the Responsible Entity). Goodman Group (GMG) is comprised of Goodman Industrial Trust (GIT), Goodman Limited (GL) and Goodman Logistics (HK) Limited (GLHK). A Goodman Group stapled security is a GIT unit, a GL share and a GLHK CDI (CHESS Depositary Interest) referenced over a share in GLHK which are stapled so that they can only be traded together. Goodman Group's stapled securities trade on ASX. 

As Goodman PLUS are managed investment products, certain provisions of the Corporation Act (Cth) (the Act) apply and these disclosures are made in accordance with section 1017D of the Act. These disclosures should not be relied on by a Securityholder for the purpose of preparing their income tax returns. In August each year we send Securityholders a separate tax statement which contains information required to complete an Australian tax return.

Holdings and Transaction Details

Securityholders can access information about their holding at:
or by contacting Computershare on 1300 555 159 (Australia) or +61 3 9415 4062 (Overseas).

Securityholders will have been provided and information about the prices at which they have transacted in Goodman PLUS from the broker that they used for such transactions.

Estimated Total Fees and Indirect Costs

The following information sets out information in a form prescribed by the Act. 

The Total Fees represent the estimated total fees and costs incurred by each Securityholder for their investment in Goodman PLUS. 

The Total Fees comprise the fees which have been charged directly to the Securityholder and the Indirect Costs which have not been deducted directly from the Securityholder's account. 
Indirect Costs is the approximate amount that has been deducted from your investment and includes amounts that have reduced the return on your investment but are not charged directly to you as a fee. Indirect Costs include costs such as registry, custody, accounting, employee benefits expense, corporate costs, office costs and other administrative fees. Indirect Costs exclude costs that the investor would incur if the investor invested directly in the assets.

There are no direct fees charged. In relation to Indirect Costs which have not been separately charged, the Responsible Entity of Goodman PLUS Trust has waived its right to a management fee under the Constitution, and Goodman Funds Management Limited as the responsible entity of Goodman Industrial Trust has agreed to pay for the ongoing costs and expenses of operating Goodman PLUS Trust.

Accordingly the Total Fees for Goodman PLUS are as follows:

12 months ended 30 June 2016
Number of Goodman PLUS (m)  326,967
Direct Costs Nil
Indirect Costs Nil
Total Fees per Goodman PLUS Nil

Other information

Goodman has both internal and external complaints handling procedures. Goodman is committed to resolving complaints equitably and efficiently. To promote transparency of our procedures we would like to tell you how you can raise a complaint and how it will be resolved. You can complain via phone, post or email: 

Phone: 1300 79 11 00 
In writing: you can write to the Investor Relations Officer, Goodman Funds Management Limited, GPO Box 4703, Sydney NSW 2001 

All complaints are taken seriously and will be responded to immediately and resolved within 45 days. If you are a retail investor and we cannot resolve your complaint within 45 days or you are unhappy with the outcome you have the right to complain to the external dispute resolution scheme. We are a member of – the Financial Service Ombudsman (FOS). The FOS is an independent organisation offering free and accessible dispute resolution services to complainants. For further information please call 1300 78 08 08 or visit