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Warehouse LED lighting


At Goodman, we work closely with customers to introduce cost effective, sustainable initiatives to improve performance. One of our key retail distribution customers located in Moorebank, New South Wales sought to improve their warehouse facility by introducing improved lighting to address workplace productivity and safety, whilst also improving energy efficiency and cost savings. 

Their warehouse encompasses over 20,000 sqm of floor space, with 55 storage aisles and ceiling heights of up to 16 metres. Speed, accuracy and safety are essential to their daily operations.


The challenges faced included:

  • High energy costs associated with 400W metal halide experiencing diminished light output 
  • Low light levels that did not support a productive work environment, instead creating a dull yellow hue and poorly lit sections 
  • Increasing maintenance costs for ongoing bulb replacement

To address these challenges, the customer sought to implement a robust fixture that would emit a greater lumen output than the current metal halide lighting, to enhance lighting quality and save on electrical utility bills and maintenance costs.


After a site audit and detailed measurement of where light was needed, the Sinoco 90W LED high bay was selected for its proven operation capability of 50,000 hours, equivalent to 12 years of lighting with no maintenance. 

The project was supported by Energy Conservation and was eligible for funding through the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, ensuring LUX levels complied with BCA Code, AS/NZS 1680 standards and verification of savings were achieved post implementation.


  • Significant electricity and maintenance cost savings 
  • 335,832 kWh reduction in energy use 
  • 356 tonnes CO2-e  annual reduction in Green House Gases 
  • Improved employee productivity 
  • Improved workplace safety 
  • Clean and even lighting in the aisles and loading docks